Parham Baghestani

I'm Parham Baghestani, a Product Designer.


My Resume

Co-Founder & Product Manager at Carser & Carat
Experience Designer at Tisa Interactive
Consultant at Usability Lab
Pardakhtyar, Feedment, UX360 Studio, Protot, Saran Apps, Inds

Author at UX Handbook
Author at Product Design One
Curator at Design & UX


Local chapter admin of UXPA Iran
Oraganizer of Usability Conference
Founder of UX Awards


Designer at Control Electronic
Founder & Designer at Hamian Financial Solutions
Principal UX Designer at Karina
UX Consultant at Tosan
Senior UX Designer at Ali Baba
Senior UX Designer at Iran Internet Group, Bamilo
Senior Web Development at Chargoon
eLearning Technical Administrator at System Group (Hamkaran System)

Services & Consulting

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Product Design
Product design & UX strategy

Usability Testing
Usability testing
User testing
A/B testing

Interactive Prototyping
Paper prototyping
Interactive prototype for mobile, web & desktop

Design Review
UI & visual design review

Benchmarking & Analytics
Usability benchmaking
Competitor analysis

Experience Design
Customer experience & experience mapping


Product Design
User Experience Design
Interaction Design
User Interface & Visual Design
Usability Testing & Analysis
User Testing
User Centred Design
Information Architect
Design Thinking
Web Standards & Open Web Platform


User Experience Design
Usability Testing
Information Architecture
Visual Design

Last Works

Put UX Design
Mobile payment service

Mobile Komak Product Design
Mobile repair on-demand service

Shoma Box Prototyping
Cable TV

GSM Usability Testing
Technology magazine

Digitao UX Design
Technology magazine

Tosan Boom UX Design
Fintech app store, web & mobile

Iran Customs Usability Testing

Eranico UX Design
Economic magazine

Akharin Khabar App UX Design
New magazine


Visual Design

View my Playbook

Nexus 5x Wireframe

Didgah 5

E-Learning Conference 1389
Learning Conference 1390
Usability in Cities
Usability Day 2010
Usability Day 21 Aban, 2011
Usability Day 2014
Usability Day 2015
World Information Architecture Day 2013
Open Web Platform: Mobile Web 1392
Open Web Platform 1392
Iran Mobile Conference: Mobile User Experience 1392
Future of Web Design: Future of Web in 2020 1394
IRUX: Citizen Experience 1394
Responsive Web Design: UX in Responsive Designer 1392



Information Architecture & Usability Testing Rahnema College
27 Khordad to 27 Tir 1397


Inquery for workshops: parhamb at gmail dot com

Rahnema College, Information Architecture & Usability Testing 1396
Bahar Institute, Product Design 1396
Amir Kabir University, Product Design 1396
Amir Kabir University, Prototyping 1396
Blue White Coworking Space, UX & Usability 1396
Chargoon, Usability Testing 1396
ICT Startups, Prototyping 1396
ICT Startups, Usability Testing for Startups 1396
Tosan, UX for Developers 1395
ISC, UX Management 1394
UXPA, Usability in Action 1394

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